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The main directory is completely free, you can sign up for it below, but if you want to feature the feature boxes cost the following:
  • £20 per day
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  • £120 per month
  • £300 for 3 months

The Deluxe boxes are £55 a week or £200 a month plus you get a free standard feature box with a deluxe box.

The premium feature boxes are £45 per week or £160 for a month or £450 for 3 months. For payment details and to check availability of boxes please email us through the contact us page.

Once you have signed up all account details are held by and are not passed on to any third parties. Any changes you require to your profile can be done by clicking on login and made by yourself anytime, we validate all changes and profile set ups and these are made within 48 hours but usually much sooner. We operate in this way in order to moderate site content and insure consistency throughout.

Please note only Featured Therapists are able to login and edit there profile for free.

If your a free listing Therapist you will need to either pay for a feature box which will get you more calls or pay a £10 fee for a edit session.

Contact us for payment details.

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