Loving tantric massage

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Name: Loving tantric massage
Address: London, London, Greater London
Phone Number: 07835 344029
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Tantric massage, tantric and sexological bodywork
Therapists introduction

My name is Nico. I am an experienced and passionate Tantra Practicioner, Tantric Masseuse and certified Sexological Bodyworker, and offer a range of services to pamper, coach and guide interested individuals and couples on their route towards greater joy, fun and sexual fulfilment.

I offer services in a price range from 70 clothed massage to 100 all naturist massages and Sexological Bodywork to 120 deluxe treatment and anal

Have you always been curious about Tantra, but are not sure what it is all about
Tenderness and loving touch are essential for our sense of wellbeing, yet many of us feel erotically starved.
Through authentic connection and intense skin contact, we learn the delicious art of surrendering fully into bliss, pleasure and ecstasy. Yes, smut is all the better with the love, care and fun it deserves
Welcome at the gateway to an inner place where you can rejuvenate and resplendor your deepest, truest self, and experience erotic heights that go far beyond what you are probably used to in your sex life.

In my practice, I seek to embody presence, grace, respect, loving kindness, an open heart, and joyfull playfulness above all.
I aim to serve in an atmosphere of calm, relaxation, but also fun and mischief, a space where your sensuality can awaken and unfurl, a sumptuous retreat where you are held in the warmth and innate wisdom of both our bodies and  souls.

Free from expectations and the pressure to perform, you are allowed to get to know yourself through every sensation, and are joyfully capacitated to unveil new facets of your pleasure.

Tantric massage is a form of ritualistic art of touch, which has its roots in a modern tradition of western Tantra.
It honors the human as a whole, involves body, mind and soul, and provides a deeply transforming healing experience. You can find ample information about it on the internet or call and ask me

I would love to hear from you. x

In my other, therapeutic, capacity as a Sexological Bodyworker, I perform the hands on part of Somatic Sexology

My emphasis is on creating a safe space for exploration, learning, coaching and guidance.
I remain in close contact with my clients throughout every session. Touch, breathing, intimate massaging, body awareness exercises, coaching and the development of erotic trance states are examples of tools I use to favour the joyful embodiment of pleasure, and ecstasy.

Within my professional protocol, I am open to anything, and will never judge you.

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