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Name: Rhiannon
Address: Marble Arch, London, Central
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Tantric Massage, Tie n Tease Massage, Bathing Rituals, Lingham massage, Prostate Massage, Sensual & Erotic Massage, Foot Fetish Friendly.
Therapists introduction
I am Rhiannon,
I am an experienced teacher & practitioner of sacred sexuality.  I specialise in authentic Tantra massage and the most sensuous and delicious sensual massage.  I offer these sessions to men, women and couples from my cosy space in Marble Arch.  My sessions focus on building a heartfelt connection with you.  From this place, the warmth and love felt in my touch becomes authentic and you will feel truly nourished by the experience.  I have 6 years experience of Tantra and I am a certified masseuse and somatic sexual educator.  Here are the sessions I am currently offering:

  • Authentic Tantra Massage - Combining ancient Tantric practices with holistic massage and soft delicate textures to pamper you beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Sensual Massage - Designed to raise sexual energy and take you to a place of deep relaxation at the same time. Sensual massage is the more erotic side of therapeutic massage.
  • Tie n Tease Massage -Weaving mild elements of BDSM with the soft sensuality of a Tantric massage.
  • Bathing Rituals - Be bathed in candlelight before your massage.
  • Foot Fetish - Do you find women's feet particularly beautiful?   We can combine this adoration into a Sensual or Tantric massage.  My feet are always freshly pedicured and beautifully painted.
  • Prostate Massage - This can be added to any of the massages listed on this page.
  • Pleasure Coaching - Learn to expand your capacity for pleasure through breath sound and movement with Sexological bodywork sessions.  Here I can also assist you with issues surround premature ejaculation, intimacy issues and sexual inexperience.
Sessions start at 120 per hour.  Same day appointments are available.
Please email me at

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